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Easy Lease Transfers in Waterbury

Have you leased a vehicle and are now needing to get out of that lease? How about doing a lease transfer, a way of not only helping yourself by getting out of your lease early, but also helping someone else, all with one action? That’s what a lease transfer does, and that’s why we love them so much! It’s a way of making two customers happy at the same time!

What is a “Lease Transfer”?

What people need out of their vehicles can change. Marriage, having children, divorce, new hobbies that might have you needing to haul around equipment, such as skis, camping gear, drum kits – any of these can put you in the position of needing to get a different sort of car.
And then there are financial setbacks – or windfalls! – that can make you wish you were driving something different, or, sadly, put you in the position of being unable to lease anything at all.
If any of these happens to you and you’re wanting, or needing, to end your present lease, a lease transfer might be just the thing to resolve your situation. They work like this: a third party who wants a vehicle just like the one you’re driving now takes over your present lease, assuming all the remaining responsibilities of the original contract. They make the remaining payments, and you’re in the clear, able to lease a different vehicle, one that better fits your present needs or budget, or to not lease at all.
What that third party gets out of the deal is a vehicle they’re wanting, but without having to make a down payment, and without having the responsibilities of a full term lease. You win, they win, we win. Win-win-win! What’s not to like?

If You’re Wanting to Do a Lease Transfer – or Want to Assume Someone Else’s Lease

If you’re wanting to do a lease transfer, just call us up and let’s talk. We have lists of customers who are wanting to become that third party that assumes someone else’s lease, and we’ll try to match one up with you.
If you’re wanting to assume someone else’s lease, you give us a call, too, and let us put you together with someone who has the exact sort of vehicle you’re wanting to drive. You can be driving that car, SUV, van, or truck without making a down payment, and without having to enter into a full term lease. All you have to do is mind any mileage limitations. That’s it!

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If you’re wanting to end a lease or assume someone else’s lease, call us up at 860-744-0066! We can find a match for you, either a person wanting to end his lease, or a person who’s wanting to assume one, whichever the case may be. And we’ll make the transaction go smoothly, showing you some of that great customer service we’re famous for! We look forward to meeting you!