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Leasing a Mercedes-Benz in Waterbury

Mercedes-Benz, pure class. And we have every new model they make, from the AMG GT Coupe, B-Class Electric Drive Hatchback, C-Class Coupe, C-Class Sedan, CL-Class Coupe, CLA-Class Sedan, CLS-Class Sedan, E-Class Convertible, E-Class Coupe, E-Class Diesel, E-Class Hybrid, E-Class Sedan, E-Class Wagon, G-Class SUV, GL-Class Diesel, GL-Class SUV, GLA-Class SUV, GLE-Class SUV, GLK-Class Diesel, GLK-Class SUV, M-Class Diesel, M-Class SUV, Maybach Sedan, Metris Minivan, S-Class Coupe, S-Class Sedan, SL-Class Convertible, SLC-Class Convertible, SLK-Class Convertible, SLS AMG GT Final Edition Convertible, SLS AMG GT Final Edition Coupe, SLS AMG GT Convertible, SLS AMG GT Coupe, to the Sprinter Van.
Then again, we can say the same about every new vehicle made by Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo, too. The only problem you’ll have when leasing with Waterbury Car Leasing is having to make up your mind as to which vehicle to lease! Our inventory is so huge, so comprehensive, it could take you a while to explore all of our cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks.
But once you’ve made a decision, you can rest easy in knowing you’ll be paying the lowest leasing price around. We keep our leasing prices low by keeping our businesses costs low. For ex., instead of having a physical car lot, we have a virtual one, a car lot that rests on the internet and which you can check out any time you like. Having a virtual lot means we don’t have the huge expenses our competitors do – the property costs, property insurance, property taxes, utility costs, payroll costs for the people who work at those old-fashioned lots, and so on. Our overhead is low, which keeps our leasing prices low – the lowest you’ll find.
Another great thing about our having a virtual lot is that it gives our customers the most convenient, relaxing leasing experience possible. Lease with us, and you won’t have to bum rides or call cabs so you can get to some expensive car lot someplace. Instead, all you have to do is grab a snack and a drink, put your feet up, and surf to our website from the coziest spot at your place. You can do this, of course, any time of the day or night since you’re not constrained by someone else’s business hours, too. And you can take all the time you need, not having to deal with any salesmen following you around, trying their sales tactics out on you, and rushing you along – likely toward the vehicles that’d bring them the highest commission rather than toward those that’d best suit your needs and lifestyle.
When you lease with us, you’ll have the most laid-back leasing experience while exploring the largest inventory anywhere, and paying the lowest price you’ll find after you’ve made your selection. That’s all there is to it.

Financing and Great Customer Service

Well, that’s not quite “all” there is to it. There’s also the fact that you’ll get great customer service, something you’ll discover first if you have any questions for us as you explore our virtual lot. If you have questions, all you have to do is call us up and ask. Simple!
And then there’s how we walk you through the financing process after you’ve found that perfect vehicle for yourself. We’ll work directly with banks and other lenders to get you a super-great deal, a deal with low interest rates, low monthly payments, and terms that are fair and reasonable. We’ll even fill out most of that mind-numbing paperwork so you won’t have to worry about it!
If you’re thinking your credit rating isn’t good enough to qualify for financing, just stop! You can’t be sure about that until you’ve talked with us! We’ve often been able to get financing for people who’d thought the same thing! We’ve even gotten financing for people who already tried to get financing before through some of our competitors but were let down! So don’t call it quits! Talk to us! We’d so love to surprise you!
Customer service is something we’re really dedicated to, and that applies as well on the day you get to drive your new lease. We don’t want you having to call cabs or bum rides so you can drive across town to some lot somewhere to pick up your new ride. That is so not our style! Instead, we’ll bring your new lease to you, delivering it right to your home. Or to your office, best friend’s place, or most anywhere else you name that works for you that day. You call the shots; we make it so!

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If you have any questions for us, just give us a call at 860-740-0066! We look forward to meeting and talking with you! And we’d love to get you driving around Waterbury at a price that’ll blow you away!